We redefine the concept of litter box for cats enabling the most advanced automatic technological solution in the category. The Basic, Non-IoT box doesn’t include advanced functionality. For advanced functionality, please see the IoT-Integrated litter box.

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  • Suitable for every Cat’s size/weight
  • Multiple Cat use and control
  • A unique Lumps removal mechanism – Zero bad odor
  • Use all types of clumping litter
  • Photocatalysis cleaning + filter + ventilation + enzyme spray
  • Wireless connectivity and control options
  • Full distance activation (box mechanism, waste removing etc.)
  • Full distance notifications
  • Touch screen operation easy to clean & maintain
  • Fast emergency disassembly
  • User timer adjustment
  • Litter drawer / tray & net – non-sticking (PTFE)


Design & aesthetics

  • Modern look
  • Smooth geometry for easy cleaning
  • Functional parts & features colored for intuitive use
  • Float above floor level for easy cleaning
  • Advanced design & free of visible screws
  • Weight Sensor
  • Visiting frequency & duration history
  • A camera & microphone, see & hear the Cat at any given time
  • Medical history & reminders: immunization, vaccination, examination, medication, disease etc.
  • Clean gravel quantity / level monitoring sensor and warning monitors & warns waste drawer level
  • Gravel & lumps drawer liners ordering
  • Night light
  • Night pause
  • Cats calming & relaxing music

Control Panel

  • 8” Touch screen
  • High grade speaker
  • Separate home Illumined button & RGB lighting
  • Microphone use to voice operating beside health monitoring
  • External camera for room & Cat monitoring
  • IR sensor for low light condition
  • Weight sensor
  • Irregular activity sensor in the liter-box: exceptional time in box can reflect a problem
  • Voice monitoring: litter-box internal & external microphones can detect any abnormal body sounds when Cat inside like pain wiling or other body distress
  • Clean Gravel quantity monitoring and warning sensor
  • Gravel-Lumps quantity monitoring and warning sensor
  • User timers' adjustment
  • The Litter-Box easily open by fast latches
  • The Drum can be easily taken out for major cleaning wash
  • All above can be done by user without any tools
  • Big Carriage handles
  • Fast Opening / Disassembling
  • Drawer designed to use with bags for ease of use
  • Unique Cat Box Mat
  • Litter drawer for convenience Gravel /gravel fast replacing – Non-sticking (PTFE)

Filters & Spray Replacement

  • Carbon Filter located at back side behind the drum ventilation net
  • Filters replacement done performed by user easily without special tools
  • Easy air-freshener spray replacement

Electricity & Communication

  • Low Voltage operation with external power supply, system is free of high voltage danger
  • Service by USB-B connection for initial setup or diagnostics in case of wireless malfunction
  • Optional TUV Standard approval
  • Battery backup

Cat door configurations & set Up

  • The door can be easily disassembled by owners without any tools
  • Door operation is fully motorized and controlled by system software
  • It possible to set the door conditions for each Cat in case of several Cats
  • Door can be programmed to be open or close when the Cat is inside
  • The material of door is clear transparent plastic
  • The door can be pushed easily from inside by the Cat in case of system failure
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